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Files on Our Website
Links to information we frequently reference
Last Updated: 08/15/2018

General Pacific Crossing Advice
South Pacific Compendiums & Etc North Pacific Cruising Guides & Etc
SouthEast Asia Cruising Guides & Etc  
Ecuador Info Engine Info Winch Reference  
HF & SSB Radio Installation Our Articles Pacific Cruising Guides
Anchoring & Surving Hurricanes in Port

Pacific Ocean Cruising Guides & Information           Useful? Buy Us A Beer

Compendiums:  Collection of useful tidbits from other cruisers, our own experiences, and various online sources.  Valuable updates to old (but still very useful) cruising guides.

General Pacific Crossing Articles and Info

Name Format Size Comments
Pacific Crossing Considerations and Options (SSCA Article) 
Alt: Our SSCA Presentation
pdf   After 5 years bouncing north and south across the Pacific, here are our thoughts on how to not zoom through the best cruising grounds in the world.
Last Updated Nov 06, 2010
South Pacific Cruising Strategies
(Latitude 38 Article)
pdf 590 K Article on options for crossing the Pacific and seeing as much as possible
Understanding South Pacific Weather htm 2k Everything we know about South Pacific Weather - Links to useful wx info
Last Updated Feb 14, 2011
Jim Corenman's Letters from the South Pacific pdf 650 K (Published in Latitude 38 in the late 1990's, but still relevant)  Great info, especially the part on South Pacific Weather

South Pacific Cruising Information
French Polynesia    Cooks, Samoa, Niue      Tonga      Fiji      Between Fiji and Marshalls   Far Western Islands

French Polynesia
Name Format Size Comments
Timing Your Visit to French Polynesia html   When to go where in French Poly
        by s/v Pitufa
The Marquesas Compendium
Rev 2018.2  
pdf 600 K Still being updated, thanks to passing cruisers.
Last Update August 14, 2018
The Tuamotus Compendium
Rev 2018.2  
pdf 2.3 MB Still being updated, thanks to passing cruisers.
Last Update August 14, 2018
The Tuamotus Current Guestimator
Rev 2018
(Excel & ods)
400K Many thanks to both s/v Brindacier and m/v Starlet who updated the tide tables in my old "guestimator" and sent in a copy.  Both are included in the zip file.
The Societies Compendium
Rev 2018.2  
pdf 1.8 MB Still being updated, thanks to passing cruisers.
Last Update August 14, 2018
Clearance Procedures for Tahiti and Moorea  pdf 52K Information for cruisers on clearance into and out of Papeete and Moorea, produced by Marina Papeete.
Marine Protected Areas in French Polynesia  pdf 6MB Information for cruisers on Marine Protection Areas in French Polynesia.  - - New initiative--an online guide to Tahiti, updated by locals for cruisers, downloadable as a PDF file.
Mr. John's Guide to French Polynesia pdf 900K Last Updated Dec 2008
French Polynesia Guide for Yachts in English pdf 13 MB by Papeete Port Authority
2011/12 version
Stopover Handbook for French Polynesia (English) pdf 20 MB by Tahiti Tourism
2016/17 version
Dream Yacht Charters Leeward Islands Pilot Guide pdf 2 MB Updated June 2014.  Contains lots of good info for yachts in the Leeward Islands of French Polynesia.
Moorings Charters Leeward Islands Guide pdf 2 MB Downloaded from Moorings Site Nov 2015.
Charts for Society Islands     Google Earth and other charts for Society Islands (thanks to Stephano)

Cook Islands and Samoa Islands and Niue
Name Format Size Comments
The Cooks Samoas Compendium (Including Niue) - Rev 2018.1 pdf 1.5 Mb As good as it gets, unless we get cruiser updates.  Last updated May 31, 2018
Mr. John's Guide to The Dangerous Middle pdf 4Mb Covers the Cook Islands and Niue
Last Updated Feb 2009

Name Format Size Comments
The Tonga Compendium -
Rev 2017.1
pdf 1.2MB Getting more complete, still being updated.  
Last July 30, 2017
Tonga Diving Information html 1.2MB Getting more complete, sti
Mr. John's Guide to Tonga pdf 14Mb Last Updated Sep 2010

The Fiji Compendium -
Rev 2016.3
pdf 4Mb Now over 300 pages!!   
Google Earth Charts for Fiji
Last Updated November 1, 2016
Fiji Marine Guide 2014 Edition pdf 11Mb From Yacht Help Fiji
Fiji Shores and Marina Guide 2015 pdf 30Mb From Fiji Marinas
Mr. John's Guide to Fiji pdf 4Mb Last Updated June 2011
Google Earth Charts     Soggy Paws' home-made Google Earth based navigation charts for Fiji

Wallis, Futuna, Rotuma, Tuvalu, Kiribati
The Fiji-to-Marshalls Compendium
Rev 2016.2
pdf 750K Includes Wallis, Futuna, Rotuma, Tuvalu, Kiribati (Tarawa & nearby atolls)
Updated November 1, 2016
Mr. John's Guide to Kiribati pdf 14Mb Includes Rotuma, Tuvalu, and Gilbert Islands of Kiribati.  Last Updated June 2011
Pacific Cyclone Season, North instead of South pdf 500K s/v Streetcar's voyage and info on going to the Marshall Islands instead of NZ for South Pacfic cyclone season. Published on Noonsite July 2013  
Google Earth Charts     Soggy Paws' home-made Google Earth based navigation charts for this trip         
PNG, Solomons, Vanuatu, New Caldedonia
The Papua New Guinea Compendium
Rev 2018.1
pdf 1.3MB Barely started.  Last updated Feb 4, 2018
The Solomon Islands Compendium
Rev 2017.1
pdf 1.1MB Barely started.  Last updated August 11, 2017

North Pacific Cruising Information

Federated States of Micronesia and Palau

The Micronesia Compendium
Rev 2016.4
pdf 2.7Mb Still a little rough, but lots of good info somewhat organized. Updated Aug 20, 2016
Google Earth Charts     Soggy Paws' (and friends) home-made Google Earth based navigation charts for this trip (still under construction)
Sherry's Skin Infection Micronesia zip 1.2Mb Sherry got a serious and persistent skin infection in the outer islands of Micronesia.  Might have been mycobacterium marinum aka fish tank disease.  Here is her research.
Marshall Islands
The Marshall Islands Compendium Rev A.3 pdf 1Mb About as complete as it will get unless I get more inputs from others.  Updated 15-Feb-2014
Mr. John in the Marshall Islands pdf 6Mb Last updated Nov 2011
Practical Marshallese pdf 1.5Mb WorldTeach manual for Marshallese
copyright Peter Rudiak-Gould
Google Earth Charts     Soggy Paws' and others' home-made Google Earth based   navigation charts for this trip (still under construction)

The Hawaii Compendium
Rev B.1
pdf 240K A bit rough around the edges, but lots of useful information
Last Upd June 30, 2014

SouthEast Asia Cruising Information

Cruising Guide to the Philippines - Conant Webb pdf 2 MB Nice guide self-published by a longtime cruiser in the Philippines.  Last updated 2009.
The Philippines Compendium - Rev 2018.02 pdf  3 MB 275 Pages! Last updated MaY 29, 2018

The Malaysian Compendium - Rev 2018.02 pdf 1.5 MB A bit rough. Last updated   13 June 2018

The Indonesia Compendium
Rev 2018.01
pdf 3.7 MB Over 300 pages of useful information on cruising Indonesia.  Totally free, no ads.
Updated 05-Feb-2018
Getting Your Indo Paperwork in Davao, Philippines pdf .6 MB The full process of applying for a visa in Davao and checking in in Bitung, plus visa renewals in several ports are detailed.  Updated July 1, 2017.
Indonesian Consulate in Davao's Visa Form pdf 130 KB The form used by the Davao Indonesian Consulate.  Note that it is longer than standard A4 or US Letter size.  They won't accept a taped-together copy, but it does give you an idea of the information they will be askig you with any visa application.  Last updated Feb 2017
Sail Samal 2 Raja Ampat Rally Info Booklet for 2016 Rally pdf 1.7 MB The old Rally Information Booklet, with some useful info in it.  There was no Rally in 2017 from Samal (not enough boats).  Last updated Feb 2017

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(We spent a LOT of time gathering, organizing and publishing this info for you...)

Ecuador Information

Ecuador Cruiser's Guide (includes the Galapagos) pdf 740 K Last Upd October 2013.
Also includes some great info on backpacking / touring in South America from Ecuador.
La LIbertad Port Guide pdf 160 K Last Upd Nov 28, 2009
La Libertad Port Guide - Convenient Booklet Version pdf 160 K Last Upd Nov 28, 2009
Extending Your Visa in Ecuador pdf 76 K Last Upd Nov 28, 2009

Anchoring & Surviving Hurricanes in Port

Name Format Size Comments
Creative Anchoring by Captain Fatty Goodlander pdf 740 K A great book on anchoring tactics from all aspects by one of the masters of cruising. (Amazon)
How to Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane in the VI pdf 6 MB By Cap'n Fatty Goodlander for the VI Territorial Emergency Management Agency (Written ~2000)
Presentation on Surviving Big Storms in Port pdf 20 MB By Dave McCampbell s/v Soggy Paws
presented at SSCA Melbourne Gam 2012
Presentation on Modern Anchors and Ground Tackle pdf 16 MB By Dave McCampbell s/v Soggy Paws
presented at SSCA Melbourne Gam 2013

SeaClear Chartlets

Name Format Size Comments
Helping Sea Clear to Find Your Charts txt 2 K  
Making Your Own Sea Clear Charts txt 2 K  

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(We spent a LOT of time gathering, organizing and publishing this info for you...)

Our Articles in Various Publications

Florida Keys Reefs & Anchorages (2006) pdf 139 K Guidebook prepared for Florida Sea Base Boy Scout Charter Captains
Pacific Crossing Considerations and Options pdf 43 K SSCA Article September 2010
South Pacific Cruising Strategies pdf 590 K Latitude 38 Feb 2012
Sneaky Cyril Smacks Neiafu pdf 148 K Latitude 38 March 2012
W. Carib - Panama to Roatan pdf 107 K SSCA 2000

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(We spent a LOT of time gathering, organizing and publishing this info for you...)

Technical Articles on SSB/Ham Radios Afloat--Antennas, Grounding, Tuners

Name Format Size Comments
Stan Honey's Marine Grounding Article PDF 1.3 MB Originally published as part of West Marine's Advisor series, an EXCELLENT article that explains the differences between Electrical Grounds, Lightning Grounds, and Radio Grounds, and how to set your grounds up properly.
.15uF Capacitors $.33 ea     A source for the capacitors for the RF Ground Stan Honey Mentions in his article.
Gordon West on using a Sea Water Ground PDF 115 K Stan Honey's idea for a HF ground plane with pieces of metal connected together inside the boat is old and was useful for older HF systems with manual tuners.  It is now superseded by Gordon West's testing on using sea water as a much more effective ground plane for modern HF radios with automatic tuners .
Gordon West on Antenna Tuners PDF 3Mb A 1987 Practical Sailor Article about Antenna Tuners and how to hook them up on a boat.
Clyde Kirlin on Marine Antennas PDF 280 K A few good tidbits in this 1987 article from Cruising World
How Long Should My Backstay Antenna Be? PDF 283 K Discussion from SSCA Bulletin Board between experts & newbies.
Using Auto-Tuners PDF 234 K Martin-G8JNJ explains the differences between different kinds of Auto Tuners
Icom 802 "Clipping" PDF 234 K Discussion from SSCA Bulletin Board about the Icom M-802 Clipping Issue

The Sailmail Primer

The Winlink Book of Knowledge

Diesel Engine Stuff

Perkins Engine Codes PDF 263 K How to read the codes on your Perkins engine to determine year and place of manufacture
Spanish Engine / Mechanical Terms PDF 57 K Handy reference for Spanish words relating to engines.  (For more complete copy:

Useful? Buy Us A Beer  
(We spent a LOT of time gathering, organizing and publishing this info for you...)

Winch Service Manuals

Name Format Size Comments
Identifying Your Lewmar Winch PDF 134 K From, how to tell what version of Lewmar winch you have  Direct Link to PYacht's Page
Pre-1980 Lewmar Winch Service Manual PDF 2.6 MB Has many Vol I and Vol II Winches
Thanks Dream Away for letting us scan!
Lewmar Winch Service Illustrated ~1999 PDF 1 MB From the Catalina Owner's Association, Lewmar 48's and 30's late 1990's design (no longer online at COA)
Lewmar Winch Parts List v10 1992-2002 PDF 750 K Official Lewmar Document
Lewmar Ocean Winch Service Manual 2002 PDF 500 K Official Lewmar Document, multilingual "Issue 5"
Lewmar Ocean Winch Service Manual 2005 PDF 1.6 MB Official Lewmar Document, multilingual "Issue 6"
Barient Winch Service Manual Model 27 2-sp PDF 250 K  

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