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Travel Recommendations

A big part of our cruising experience is the ability to travel and REALLY EXPERIENCE the countries and cultures that we pass through.  We make it a point to get off the boat and go inland everywhere we go.  We try to use the local transportation and stay in 'budget accommodations'.  Our experiences and photos are well cataloged in our Log Book (Blog). 

See our individual pages for info on each country we have visited, and links to our blog entries and printable personal recommendations.

If you think you're a pretty savvy traveler, test your knowledge with our Travel Game

Belize (2007)

Guatemala (2007)

Honduras (2007 &  2008)

Colombia (2008)

Chile (and a little of Argentina) (2009)

Ecuador (2009)

Peru (2009)

Europe (France/Germany) (2009)
French Canals, Military Space-A

Maldives (2022)
Liveaboard Dive Boat Diving Adventure


Lonely Planet (LP):  This book is generally a good resource, and everyone should have a copy.  But when 'bottom fishing' for cheap hotels, be cautious.  At least one hotel that we booked ahead was made to sound fantastic (in relative terms, for $15/nite), but we thought it was marginal.  Now, we NEVER book ahead unless we've already been there or have a personal recommendation from someone with similar tastes/price range.  We try to look at 3-4 of the hotels in LP's Budget category before we make a decision.  (However, in Antigua, Guatemala, in August, get there before noon if you want to do this).

Note that recently LP has become available as a PDF file download.  Since our Lonely Planet guide was a 2001 version, it was helpful to get the latest version of just the chapters we needed.

Other books just as good with similar info:  Moon Guides, Rough Guides