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  Soggy Paws Links
Dave's Boat Maintenance Supplier Links
Cruising Guides and Other Cruising Info Soggy Paws Files (many PDF files with good info)
Cruising Presentations we have given Presentations
Soggy Paws' South Pacific Weather Info Understanding South Pacific Weather

General Cruising Information

Seven Seas Cruising Association
Dashew's Cruising Site
Beth Leonard & Evans Starzinger
Worldwide Marina Directory

CSY Owners Association
Dave's CSY Projects Info
Lots More CSY Links


Fast Seas Weather Routing


Passage Weather (free GRIBs online)

Chris Parker Carib Wx SSB Freqs

National Data Bouy Center Weather

Worldwide Marine Weather Fax Freqs  (updated May 2007)
Soggy Paws' Mobile Weather Links

Weather - Hurricanes

National Weather Service
Tropical Weather Page
Tropical Tidbits Hurricane Site

SkeetoBite Hurricane Site

Intellicast's Hurricane Site Tropical Page

Workshop (Dave's Links)
Links to all our favorite suppliers
International Marine Insurance (IMIS)
The "Jacklines" Policy
Travel & Foreign Language References
Yahoo's Currency Converter
Spanish and French for Cruisers
      A "must have" for the Caribbean,
      Central Am & the Pacific!
Spanish Machinery & Engine Terms As PDF File (55KB)
La Union Language School Antigua
Guide to Language Schools in Antigua

Cruising Friends Websites

See Left side of our Blog Page
s/v Infini
s/v Moira
s/v Tackless II in the Pacific
s/v Gilana
Also Island's Virgin Coconut Oil Site
Many Cruising Yachts
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