Cruising with Soggy Paws
Soggy Paws is a 44' CSY Sailboat. In 2007, we set sail on a 10 year around the world cruise.
Saturday, September 13, 2008
In the Pacific Ocean!!!

With 4 cameras aboard, we took about a billion pictures yesterday and today. I will post a few very soon.

But we are now on a mooring at Balboa Yacht Club in the Pacific Ocean. Yahoo!

No problems on the transit (other than getting very wet handling lines). We had good advisors (one last night and one today).

Thanks, Nicki... great job posting. Sorry about the raindrops on the camera... it poured rain the whole time we were in the Pedro Miguel & Miraflores locks. (and quit just as we pulled out of the locks).

Crew is celebrating. More tomorrow!

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Anonymous geodesic2 said...
Congrats Dave and Sherry,
Glad it went smoothly - dying to see the pics. Got a kick out of your itemised costing of the passage - - alacarte - sneaks up on you :):) - who says those Panamanians can't learn anything from us Gringos !!!
Fair winds,
Bill C

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