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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Chicken Entero

We had a visit today from the 'Tienda Eide' launcha. They come out every couple of weeks to deliver a standing order from Runner (a boat hanging out here). And they bring some extra stuff for others, and make the rounds of the anchorage.

We had called them yesterday on the VHF and asked them to bring us some stuff. About half of what we asked for they said "No Hay" (we don't have it). Dave was bummed that they had no potato chips. We are completely out, including the stale chicken-flavored ones that neither of us wanted to eat.

One of the things we thought we'd ordered was chicken leg quarters. Later we realized that Dave was out of chicken breasts for lunch meat. So when they came by, we asked for 'pollo piernas y pechugas' (chicken thighs and breasts). They said 'no, solo entero' (only whole). So, well, yep, I guess we'll take it whole, if that's all you've got.

Well, 'whole' was correct...this chicken still had it's feet and head! When we bought whole chickens in Trinidad, they came with the head and feet cut off, stuck in the body cavity (which was, fortunately, empty). But this whole chicken still had his head AND his feet! Oh my god! I hope I don't have to gut it, too!!

Fortunately, they had gutted it at least (that's a health issue, I imagine).

Hmmm, wonder if any of my cruising books talk about how to cut up a whole chicken?

I set to work with a knife and was able to make some 'pechugas sin huesos' (boneless chicken breast) for Dave. And the leg quarters didn't look too bad--they went into a ziplock and into the freezer for a future meal. The rest of the pieces parts, neck, feet, wings, spine, etc, went into another bag for 'chicken stew'. I did throw the head and a lot of skin and fat overboard. So, my friends, next time you swoop into Publix for 5 minutes and buy a nice shrink-wrapped package of boneless chicken breast, think of us poor folks down here in the San Blas.

We'll let you know how the 'chicken feet stew' turns out.

We were also delighted to also find a couple of boxes of white wine in the launcha. We thought that $3 liter for boxed Chilean table wine is still a pretty good buy. No wonder some boats in our anchorage have become semi-perminent residents here.

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Anonymous S/V BELIEVE said...
See, I do need to go cruising. With whole chickens staring right at you, I know I would lose weight. How about if you wanted a New York strip? What then?
Really enjoying your adventure!
Be safe....

Anonymous sailingconrads said...
If that was supposed to make me feel sorry for you guys - it didn't work. I would gladly trade all my shrink-wrapped chickens to be doing what you guys are doing (and I would throw in some chips as well). Sounds like you are really in the cruiser's-groove. I look forward to hearing your stories at ECSA meeting next time you guys visit. Keep on keeping on. Susan

Anonymous Elissa said...
Dave and Sherry - It was lovely to meet and speak with you last night. We hope your mail arrived safely! We will follow your progress on your trip, and maybe start some sailing lessons of our own.
As Bolivia gets closer on your itinerary, feel free to e-mail me, as I have plenty of recommendations having spent so much time there.

Elissa (and Andy) Miller

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