Cruising with Soggy Paws
Soggy Paws is a 44' CSY Sailboat. In 2007, we set sail on a 10 year around the world cruise.
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dave got the Engine Started Sunday!

After about 2 months of work on the engine overhaul, he put it all back together again, and it still works!! Installed new valves, machined the head, magnafluxed it, and cleaned and painted all the pieces (Perkins Blue!). He also installed rebuilt injectors and injection pump, and replace all the hoses and gaskets ($150 worth!). It is the most beautiful diesel I have ever seen.

On Monday morning, Dave and friends Jim and Jim motored up to Port Canaveral to haul Soggy Paws at Cape Marina. Dave didn't tell our friend Jim the sailor that he'd taken all the sails off the boat (they are stacked in our living room right now). The wind was perfect for a sail up the river, but they had to motor. Jim said "I'm so embarrased to be motoring on the river in a sailboat, with a fair wind".

The haulout is well underway ...
- The prop shaft is out and off to a machine shop (to cut a few inches off the shaft)
- New 2" cockpit drains and seacocks are in process
- New cutlass bearing is underway
- The transmission is out being cleaned and repainted.

Dave has a finite list of things to complete, then a few coats of paint on the bottom and back in the water by late next week.
Thursday, February 22, 2007
Wow, it's February, and getting well on toward the end of February.

I have less than 4 weeks left to work. We are already interviewing for my replacement at work. The boss has finally figured out that I'm really going to do this thing. (I told him 6 months ago that I was leaving but he didn't really believe me).

Here at the house (with Soggy Paws right out the back), things are zooming along. Every minute of every day is jam packed, for both Dave and I.

Dave is finishing putting the engine back together. The head goes on today, with the help of Don from Tackless II, who is visiting here in his RV for a couple of days. Their CSY is currently in Fiji. See their travel log here:

Our new 'hard dodger' project is mostly done. Dave got the frame done and it looks great (see pics on the website here). The canvas work is being done by a local Melbourne company, Canvas Connections. They should be finishing up soon. I think Dave also plans to have them do some interior cushions for us.

The engine *must* be back together and running smoothly by Monday (3 days from now), when we're scheduled to take the boat to the yard in Port Canaveral and haul it out. Dave hopes to be in the yard for about 10 days. He has a finite list of things to do, and has a couple of friends lined up to help in the yard on projects that require 2 people to do them, as I'm still working.

After the haulout, the next major project is the watermaker. Dave says he has all the parts for it, except the membranes. He will buy them just before he commissions the watermaker.

We have slipped the target departure date from 'April Fools Day' until mid-April. This is mainly because, to fix my broken oven in the condo, we've decided to do a $15,000 renovation project. There is no 'drop in' replacement for my oven, so that means cabinet work, and the 25 year old cabinets in my kitchen look like they're 25 years old, and one thing led to another and here we are...

My brother Jimmy is a renovation contractor, and he's giving us the deal of a lifetime so we can't pass it up. He is sending a crew of 3-4 guys and a trailer down from his home base in St. Augustine, and promises to be done in a week. We'll see. We are allowing another week to put the finishing touches (and the carpet) on. We acknowledge this is a very ambitious schedule, but we're trying really hard to make it happen.

We've already had 2 marine flea markets so we are whittling down the duplicate boat stuff. The 'get rid of' pile in my living room is getting pretty small (having been replaced by the 'load on the boat' pile.

The next big thing is a house garage sale. But first I have to figure out the rental plan for my house... so we know whether the furniture has to go too. I am currently going down a list of friends who have expressed an interest in living in my convenient waterfront-with-a-dock condo, looking for a commitment to live here, share the expenses, and handle my mail.


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