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Photo Albums
Last Updated: March 26, 2023

I used to have a single link I posted everywhere to share all the photo albums we have posted over the years.  However, Google, in its infinite wisdom, shut down Picasaweb.  That link no longer works.

Fortunately, they did move all my photos over to the new Google Photos site.  All of the photos from the old Picasaweb albums are linked in the link below "Google Archive Album".  The problem is that the chronological order of the albums has not been maintained.

Eventually I may post individual links for these older photo albums here in chronological order, but for now, you can use the Archive link.  Newer albums are posted below one-by-one in chronological order.
Google Archive Album
Soggy Paws Cat Photos Soggy Paws in Raja Ampat
New Hard Bimini
(Feb 2016)
Hardtop being mounted on frame
New Refrigerator Construction
(Dec 2016-Feb 2017)
Our New Refrigerator
2017 Aft Step Extension
(Aug 2017)
Our Extension, Finished