Diving Little Knob
Vava'u Tonga


18-43.504'S / 174-00.148'W

General Info

This is another coral mound similar to the Langito'o Island Bommies.  Access by dinghy is possible from several anchorages, in the Tapana and Taunga area (Anchorages 11, 12, 21, or 24 are closest).

Dive Profile

The following are comments from Jon Hacking from s/v Ocelot, who documented their dive on this coral mound in 2004.

"We started down in 30' (9m).  We continued east until the bommie dropped off and then circled counter-clockwise around the bommie at 60' (18m). Chris had the camera the whole time, which allowed me to take my time and see all that was available. As this was our first dive in Tonga, we saw lots of new fish and corals, including our first giant clam. These are not as big as those we saw on the Great Barrier Reef in 2000, but it was a sign of things to come. Unlike French Polynesia, we saw no sharks. Most of the fish were smaller, but there were lots of them. As our air ran low, we rose to the middle of the bommie and found a nice coral head to examine as we took our safety stop."

s/v Ocelot's Tonga Diving Information Page