Diving Langito'o Island Reef
Vava'u Tonga


NW End: 1843.668'S / 17405.490'W
SE End: 1843.835'S / 17405.336'W

General Info

This reef area is on the south side of Langito'o Island, near the dive site commonly known as The Pagodas.  It is either a shallow dive or good snorkel.

This dive site is most easily reached by dinghies from Vaka'eitu (Anchorage 15,16) but could also be visited on a calm day from Ovalau (Anchorage 40) or Ovaka (Anchorage 38 and 39). 

Note that the current has been reported to be sometimes quite strong in this area, so make sure you understand what it's doing before you leave your dinghy.  On other days there is no current at all.

Dive Profile

The South East end of the reef is another coral mound, similar to The Pagodas.  The reef then extends NW along  to the NW waypoint.  It is a gently-sloping wall from 15' down to about 45' deep.  This would make a nice dive along this wall, and may be possible to dive when conditions are too rough for The Pagodas.