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Guatemala Travel Notes
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Adventure log: The Guatemala Inland Blog
Downloadable Version of These Notes:  Word doc      PDF file

Guatemala City      Antigua / Language Schools      Panajachel/Lake Atitlan

     Lanquin/Semuc Champey       Tikal/Flores/El Remate

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Van Driver


5529 8140

Has done several trips with cruisers around here.  We did a half day trip for Q600.  Not much English, but good driver & OK van.

Van Driver &
English Guide

Dimus Pinto

Julio Cordoba

5942 4059

4010 0710

These two guys are based in Puerto Barrios.  We met them in Quirigua, where Julio was assisting as a guide/interpreter for a group.  Dimas is his buddy the van driver who seemed more knowledgeable, but doesn’t speak much English.  Not necessarily a pair, but could be.

Catamarans Hotel

Has several free boat shuttle trips a day to/from town


Again, didn’t stay here ourselves, but this is a fairly upscale resort with nice accommodations, some with A/C.  Also has a pool, big restaurant and sports bar.  Wifi & internet.

Tortugal Hotel

Go to Brunos and ask them to call Tortugal on the radio.

5306 6432

Since we are on a boat, we didn’t stay here ourselves, but several travelers have told us how much they liked Tortugal.  They have both backpacker and ‘rustic’ accommodations.  Nice grounds, can swim off their docks and can walk to town.  (Many other places in Rio Dulce require a boat ride to get to/from town)  Has internet & wifi

For lots of Rio Information:

Coban, Lanquin, Semuc Champey
Trip Dates: October 2007
Also see
Note that this is NOT Copan in Honduras, where the ruins are!

Casa D’Acuna

4a Calle 3-11, Zona 2, Coban

7951 0482

A hotel and restaurant in Coban.  They organize trips to Lanquin and Semuc Champey.

Posada Las Marias

800 Meters from Semuc Champey

7861 2209

Where we stayed in Semuc Champey.  They have dorms and a couple of newer/nicer doubles with private bath.  Q25 Dorm, Q70 private room, Q150 for the big new rooms.

Can arrange a shuttle to Tikal Q120, leaves at 6:30am or a River Rafting trip 8:30am – 2pm  Call Ahead to arrange.  Juan Carlos.

El Retiro

In Lanquin

7983 0009

Inexpensive backpacker type place.  My friends stayed there and raved about it.

Grutas de Lanquin



This is a cave system that you can visit.  It is a huge area, lit.  You must use a guide to visit, but it’s not expensive.  It is cool, damp, and kind of dirty.  Book trips from Coban or Lanquin.

Semuc Champey



A waterfall and pools area that has to be seen to be appreciated.  Definitely worth the long and bumpy ride to get there.  Book trips from Coban or Lanquin, or walk from Las Marias.

, Flores, El Remate, Peten
Trip Dates: December 2007

Casona de la Isla



A hotel and restaurant on the water in Flores.  Pretty nice but I recommend staying at Casa de Don David instead.

Tikal Inn

At Tikal


OK hotel, pricey, but steps from Tikal Park entrance.  No electricity in rooms except 2 hrs in am and 4 hrs in pm.  Internet café but no wifi.  Restaurant food mediocre.  $105 for a room with 3 people, private bath, and dinner.

Jaguar Inn

At Tikal


We didn’t stay here, but ate lunch here.  Better food than Tikal Inn.  Wifi ($5/day) available in restaurant.  Tent spaces & rental hammocks available for about $5/day.  Quoted $73 for a room for 3 people.

Casa de Don David

El Remate


Great hotel/good value/good food, on the water with great sunsets.  20 minutes from Tikal.  Recommend you stay here vs Flores or Tikal.

San Juan Travel

Santa Elena

Bad – Don’t Use!!


Almost every travel agent booking Tikal trips in Flores uses SJT as their tour company for Tikal Tours.  We had a really bad experience… didn’t get picked up when were supposed to, didn’t get the tour we expected and had to pay our own way back to Flores.  SJT refused to refund any of our money (stalled until we left town, basically).  If you can avoid using these guys, do.

Finca Ixobel



Not directly associated with Tikal but is on the road from Rio Dulce to Tikal, about halfway.  Really nice place to take a break from your travels.  Has low-end backpacker accommodations (tree houses, really) as well as nicer upscale places.  Well run, good food, some great day hikes.  Also has a ‘volunteering’ program so it’s always staffed with young interesting travelers from all over the world.

Guatemala City      Antigua / Language Schools      Panajachel/Lake Atitlan

Books / Resources        FAQ's        Buses

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