Diving Ovaka's Coral Canyons
Vava'u Tonga


1844.698'S / 17406.626'W

On a beach-lined cove on the north shore of Ovaka.

General Info

This dive is accessible by dinghy in settled weather from Vaka'eitu (#16), Ovalu (#40) and Ovaka (#38, 39).  There is a very narrow cut in the reef that only a dinghy or small dive boat can navigate, to get in to the anchorage spot--a protected shallow water spot just off a beautiful beach.  This makes a good lunch stop.

This area has been declared a 'no fishing' zone by the Ovaka village.

Dive Profile

Enter the water from the boat in about 3' of water.  With your dive gear on, but fins in hand, wade out until the water is deep enough to swim and put your fins on and do your final checks.  The first 5-10 minutes of the dive, you are essentially snorkeling.

Do not take the channel that you came in with the dinghy, but the next one to the south--a very narrow spot in the rock with a swim-through at about 10' deep.  Proceed out and left (north and west), and wend your way over and through the shallower coral and in to deeper water.

The visibility isn't great in close, but as you get to deeper water, it gets better.  Most of this dive is in and around the coral formations in 25'-40'.  It makes a nice relaxed second dive.