Diving North Shore
Vava'u Tonga


1838.329'S / 17403.968'W

General Info

This dive site is nearly 4 miles from the closest good anchorage (Mala #6 or Port Maurelle ##7)--a bit far for a dinghy full of dive gear.  A reasonable day anchorage, in settled weather, can be found at 1839.117'S / 17403.497 (Per Ken's Guide to the Kingdom of Tonga, see Port of Refuge anchorage).  From here, it is possible to dive all of the North Shore area sites by dinghy.

Dive Profile

The North Shore dive starts from a protected cove (in E-SE winds) where a small boat can be anchored in sand and rocks in about 30'.  Proceed NW towards the point to the North, where there is a very nice wall.  Traverse the wall at about 60-70', and look carefully inside the small holes in the wall (a dive light helps).  There are a number of scorpionfish and banded coral shrimp living in the holes.  Continue along the wall until you reach some big boulders on the north side of the point, and ascend to about 30-40' and go back along the wall toward the boat.

You can end your dive in the coral areas between the wall and the boat, in 20-25'.