Diving Blue Coral
Vava'u Tonga


1845.927'S / 17402.337'W

West side of Euakafa Island (near Anchorage #32)

General Info

This is a good spot to either snorkel or dive.  You can anchor the big boat on the narrow shelf on the north side of the island, or on the sand mound SW of the bommie, at approx  18 45.44'S / 174 2.62'W.

Dive Profile

Anchor the dinghy at the waypoint in about 20' in a white sand area.  This spot is tucked in along the island enough to be out of southerly swell, and out of any current which may be running in the cut.  Descend and head west down the slope to about 50'.  Turn north and follow the contour around a reefy point, near the sand bottom.  At this depth, the coral isn't that interesting, but there are lots of fish to see.  Continue on around the point and along the reef.  After about 15 minutes, turn around, and finish your dive around 15-25', where the coral and fish are incredibly prolific.

Those wishing for a deeper dive, can instead head south along the reef and explore what looks like a wall.  (but what we saw of it was somewhat dead).