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Computer Tips and Tricks
Useful Computer Utilities for Cruisers
Last Updated: 04/24/2016

Coming Soon! (Winmerge, TreeSize, Website Downloader, Virtual Clone Drive, DiskCheck)

Printing ANYTHING to a PDF File

With any browser... Or ANY other application that has a "print to paper function", you can save it as a PDF instead.

Download and install the FREE CutePDF writer

Once it's installed, it will show up as another "printer" in your printer selection, when you go to print in any application. You have to pay attention and change the printer from your normal paper printer to CutePDF, or you'll end up printing it to paper instead. (Actually I set CutePDF as my default printer)

When you select "CutePDF" as the printer, and then say "Print", a "save file" window opens that lets you browse to where you want to save the PDF and name it whatever you want to name it. Then voila, it saves as a PDF instead of printing it on your printer. Occasionally this doesn't work (some text in scrollable windows), but 98% of the time, it will.

I have been using CutePDF for years and it's great for saving stuff offline that you want to refer to later.