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Free Downloadable Satellite Charts (No Gimmicks!)
Last Updated: 07/29/2022

Here are the Satellite Charts I have made/collected for the areas we have visited in the Western Pacific, plus a few other chart sets that other people have done.  Be sure to read all the cautions and 'how to's' down below.  (Thanks to all those cruisers who have shared their Satellite charts with me that have been included in these sets).  Note, charts made before 2020 are KAP files, those 2020 and newer are mbtiles.

For WHY you want/need Satellite charts:  SSCA Presentation on Navigation Alternatives

These are ZIP files.  To save to your local hard drive, right-click on each file and select "Save As", and save to your Charts directory, then unzip them.  Instructions on how to "install" the charts for the most popular charting programs are below.

Name Size Comments / Last Uploaded
Red Sea (mbtiles)
Planning Charts 2.8 MB mbtiles  May 2020
Socotra to Djibouti 15 MB mbtiles  May 2020
Djibouti to 28N 206 MB mbtiles  May 2020
28N to Med and Gulf of Aqabi 38 MB mbtiles  May 2020
Red Sea Navionics 46 MB mbtiles  May 2020
Red Sea Tracks and Waypoints 500 KB Some collected tracks and waypoints for the Red Sea passage. 
Updated Feb 11, 2021
Note: You must be using OpenCPN v5.0 or above to use mbtiles format charts AND have OpenGL enabled.

Papua New Guinea

Organized from NW to SE from Indo to Bouganville, and back
NW Coast 12 Mb KAP 2019
Ninigos Islands 13 Mb KAP 2019
Hermit Islands 10 Mb KAP 2019
Manus Island 10 Mb KAP 2019
New Hanover 14 Mb KAP 2019
New Ireland 26 Mb KAP 2019
New Britain 67 Mb KAP 2019
Duke of York 2 Mb KAP 2019
Buka 8 Mb KAP 2019
Bouganville 18 Mb KAP 2019
PNG Other 14 Mb KAP 2014-2019
Our PNG gpx Trackfiles 1 Mb Covers Philippines to Indonesia down to Honiara in the Solomons and back.
Warning: 1.1m draft!
PNG Waypoints   All of our anchorages and dive spots
were sent to Terry!

Solomon Islands

Organized from N to S as far S as Honiara
Shortlands 26 Mb KAP 2019
Choiseul 2 Mb KAP 2019
Vella Lavella 22 Mb KAP 2019
Gizo 6 Mb KAP 2019
Kolombangara 12 Mb KAP 2019
Diamond Narrows 5 Mb KAP 2019
Vonavona 11 Mb KAP 2019
Munda 3 Mb KAP 2019
New Georgia 40 Mb KAP 2019
Rendova 11 Mb KAP 2019
Tetepare 5 Mb KAP 2019
Russell 5 Mb KAP 2019
Guadalcanal 17 Mb KAP 2019
Florida Group 17 Mb KAP 2019
Rennell 3  Mb KAP 2019
Indispensible Reef 2 Mb KAP 2019
Ndendo 2 Mb KAP 2019
Utupua 3 Mb KAP 2019
Vanikolo 5 Mb KAP 2019
Reef Islands 1 Mb KAP 2019
Miscellaneous 2 Mb KAP 2019
Our Solomons gpx Trackfiles 1 Mb Covers Philippines to Indonesia down to Honiara in the Solomons and back.
Warning: 1.1m draft!
Solomons Waypoints   All of our anchorages and dive spots
were sent to Terry!

Philippines and Eastern Indonesia

A limited set of our charts for the SE Philippines is here:
Gulf of Davao 11 Mb KAP August 2018
Mindando East Coast 25 Mb KAP August 2018
Sarangani Islands 2 Mb KAP August 2018
Surigao Straits 25 Mb KAP August 2018
For additional charts and tons of waypoints for all of SE Asia,
see Valhalla's Site

Micronesia (west of Marshalls, including Palau)

Kosrae 3 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Between Kosrae and Pohnpei 1 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Pohnpei 11 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Between Pohnpei and Chuuk 8 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Chuuk 4 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Between Chuuk and Yap 20 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Yap 4 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Between Yap and Palau 1 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Palau 7 Mb Feb 15, 2014
Southern Approaches to Micronesia 5 Mb Feb 15, 2014
More Micronesia 7 Mb Set produced in 2012, uploaded Mar 2015
Received from the Mexico gang

 Marshall Islands

Ailinginae .5 Mb July 7, 2013
Ailinglaplap 4 Mb September 16, 2013
Arno 1.5 Mb April 13, 2013
Jaluit 9.2 Mb September 15, 2013
Kwajalein 9.5 Mb October 22, 2013
Majuro 9.5 Mb September 17, 2013
Mili 8.5 Mb August 16, 2013
Namu 3 Mb September 16, 2013
More coming as I get time to clean them up and upload them.

Between Fiji and the Marshall Islands

Rotuma 1 Mb April 20, 2013
Wallis & Futuna 1.5 Mb April 20, 2013
Tuvalu 4 Mb April 20, 2013
Kiribati-Gilberts 8 Mb April 20, 2013


Fiji Tracks and Waypoints 500 Kb
Tracks and waypoints from Soggy Paws and others, formatted for OpenCPN (GPX)
Viti Levu 10 Mb Biggest Island in Fiji
Updated April 20, 2013
Ovalau Area 7 Mb Updated April 20, 2013
Vanua Levu 17 Mb Northern Big Island in Fiji
Updated April 20, 2013
Mamanucas and Yasawas 10 Mb Islands west of Viti Levu
Updated April 20, 2013
Koro Sea 3.5 Mb Islands in the Middle.  September 2012.
Taveuni and Eastern Islands 13 Mb The islands and reefs East of Vanua Levu, including Taveuni.   April 20, 2013
Lau Group 10 Mb The islands on the eastern side of Fiji. Sep 2012
Kadavu, Beqa, and Vatulele 3.8 Mb The islands to the south of Viti Levu. Sep 2012


Tonga - Vavau 5.6 Mb Last Update June 2012

Cook Islands

Cook Islands 8.7 Mb Google earth charts created by the Mexico gang 2015

French Polynesia 

French Polynesia GPX Files 150kb
Several sets of tracks and waypoints for various parts of French Polynesia.
Moorea 2.3 Mb Google earth charts donated by Stefano  July 2014 (re-uploaded Aug 2014 to fix corrupted file)
Huahine 4.6 Mb Google earth charts donated by Stefano  July 2014
Marquesas 11 Mb  Google earth charts created by the Mexico gang 2015
Tuamotus 10 Mb Google earth charts created by the Mexico gang 2015
Societies 4 Mb Google earth charts created by the Mexico gang 2015

  High Quality Scanned Paper Charts of Society Island

Leeward Islands 1.5 Mb   PDF  July 2014
Huahine 1.9 Mb   PDF  July 2014 re-uploaded March 25, 2017
Raiatea Tahaa 2.4 Mb   PDF July 2014  re-uploaded March 25, 2017
Tahaa 2.0 Mb   PDF July 2014  re-uploaded March 25, 2017
Bora Bora 2.3 Mb   PDF July 2014
Maupiti 1.5 Mb   PDF July 2014

  GoogleEarth Overlays of San Blas Islands

San Blas 23 Mb   Zip  Dec 2015
About these Charts .1 Mb   Text File

  Links to other Satellite Chart Sets

Zen Again's Charts Pacific Ocean, SE Asia, Crossing to S Africa, S Atlantic, Brazil
Valhalla's Charts SE Asia and Western Pacific
Ocelot's Charts SE Asia, Western Pacific, and Indian Ocean
Migration's Charts Pacific Mexico, French Poly, Pitcairn Island, Easter Island mbtiles 2020
Jacaranda's Charts French Polynesia

About Satellite Charts           Useful? Buy Us A Beer

I suggest you review my presentation "Electronic Navigation Alternatives" if you do not already know why people are raving about KAP/mbtile satellite charts.  Presentations Link

DISCLAIMER DISCLAMER--these are homemade charts off Google Earth and other Satellite imagery. Don't trust your boat to these charts without lots of other corroborating evidence (other charts, your own eyes, depthsounders, etc).

The Satellite chart pictures are in generally very VERY accurate--usually more accurate than even the latest available charts we have in the western Pacific island countries and much of SE Asia.

However, we know of a least 3 real issues possible with these 'home-made' charts.

1. Always always always do a cross reference between known waypoints before you trust any of these home-made charts.  And always back up this new-fangled technology with 'Mark I Eyeballs'

2. Any Satellite view sometimes has remote reefs 'missing' or painted out. Not sure why this is, but don't assume an empty expanse on a Satellite chart is really empty. Try to find S Minerva Reef, Rose Atoll, and Fonua One One (Tonga, S Vavau Group) on a GE chart. So again, always be cross-referencing with a regular chart when using these charts.

Note:  If you are using Google Earth, and the chart has clouds in it, or is "painted out" or lacks the normal Google Earth detail, it's worth taking a minute to check GoogleEarth again--they are continually updating the imagery.  Recommended:  Also try using SASPlanet and looking at alternative image collections (Ge2KAP now works with SASPlanet too)

3. In areas with small patch reefs, I have noticed that sometimes clouds form right over reeflets and small island. You think--"Oh, that's just a cloud.", but there's a good possibility of something solid underneath that cloud. (the reef warms the water and causes the small cloud, which obscures the reef in the sat pic). Always be suspicious of clouds.

Most of these charts were made with GE2KAP/Sat2Chart, a free utility available on the internet. Hundreds and hundreds of hours went into development of this tool. If you find them useful, go to the website and Paypal the author, Paul Higgins (a cruiser too) $10 or $20 to thank him for his incredible contribution to 'off the beaten path' cruising.

To Use with Maxsea

Put the chart folders where ever you want them to be. For example:


To load the charts into Maxsea, click File / Open (NOT Open Chart)

Navigate to the folder where the charts are. Click on ANY KAP file (the individual chart files inside the folder), and click the Open button. Maxsea will load all the chart files in that folder. For multiple folders (ie Fiji, Vavau, etc), repeat for each folder.

These charts will now show up in a DIFFERENT window than the C-MAP (CM93) chart window that you are used to. To switch between windows, click Window on the main menu, and then either Raster or CM92Ed2.

Note that in Maxsea, these two windows are de-coupled. The routes will always show up in both windows, but the current view (ie zoomed in or zoomed out, etc) and the layer files are maintained independently. You can have a layer turned on for CM93 and not turned on for Raster and vice versa. You can be really zoomed in in Raster and zoomed out in CM93.

The only way I have found to remove chart loading in Maxsea is to shut down Maxsea, rename the folder to something else (temporarily), and start Maxsea back up.  Not finding the folder, it forgets about it permanently.

To use with Maxsea Time Zero

You are completely out of luck!  Furuno's Maxsea Time Zero product calls these 'legacy' charts.  They would much rather you buy charts from then than get them free off the internet.  You cannot use these charts with Maxsea Time Zero.  Their help files essentially say, you can keep your legacy version of Maxsea (or other charting program) installed along with Time Zero.

To use with OpenCPN

1. Copy this chart folder to someplace where you can find it again (My Documents\ or C:\Charts\ or whatever), and make sure it is unzipped

2. In the OpenCPN program, click the Wrench Icon, and click the Charts Tab

3. (v3.02 and below): In the upper part of the window, browse to where you put the Charts in step 1 above), and select one of the folders. You should see the full folder path in the box just below, something like this:


(v3.1 and above):  Use the browse button to navigate to the folder and click the add button.

For lots more info on using OpenCPN, see our presentation we gave to SSCA in 2015

5. Click on the Add Selection button, and the folder, AND ALL SUB-FOLDERS will be added to the 'Active Chart Directories' box below. Do this for whatever charts you will plan to use in the near future.  If you end up with a multi-level folder structure (ie "Micronesia" and then a folder for each zip file, OpenCPN will find any chart in the tree, but Maxsea will only find the charts in the one folder you point it to).

6. Click OK, and OpenCPN will rebuild its list with your new charts included.

7. If you have 'chart quilting' turned on in OpenCPN, Play with the light blue bars at the bottom of the screen to see which level of chart you can choose.

To zoom in and out, the easiest way is with the + and - keys on your keyboard.

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Satellite Chart





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